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Virtual Classroom

Below you can take a look at upcoming course offerings and even take a free virtual class.  More information can be requested by going to our contact page or by clicking here

Basic Knife Skills  20 hours / 1 week

Day 1    introduction, class expectation and overview, history, tools, terminology, knife cut

            potato plank Day 2 potato julienne, bâtonnet, allumette, brunoise, macédoine,

            parmentière,  and leek julienne, demo potato leek soup demo pommes frit
Day 3    knife cut carrot rondelets, carrot julienne, tomato monde / concassais, ginger hache,

            demo carrot ginger dressing, curry carrot soup
Day 4    onion ciseler/ émincer, carrot tourne, demo soupé de l’oignon, oignon confiture,

            carrot glacé
Day 5    mire poix, parsley hache, garlic paste, citrus supreme, citrus zest, demo fruit salad,

            gremolotta, charmula

Certificate of Apprenticeship 200 Hours 10 week @ 20 hours per week


Stocks 20 hours / 1 week

Day 1    vegetable stock

Day 2     Fish Fume, lobster stock

Day 3    Chicken Stock

Day 4     White Veal Stock          Day 5     Brown Veal Stock

Sanitation   40 hours / 2 weeks

Week 1    Basic Sanitation Principles
Week 2    Advanced Sanitation Principles

Soups    40 hours / 2 weeks

Week 1   Clear soup 

Week 2    Thick soup

Sauces    40 hours / 2 weeks

Week 1     Béchamel Espagnole Tomato, secondary sauces

Week 2    Hollandaise Veloute Demi Glace, secondary sauces

Salads    40 hours / 2 weeks

Week 1    Basic Salad and dressings

Week 2    Composite Salads and emulsified dressings

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