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Support ICARE

ICARE is looking for like-minded organizations to partner with and further our shared vision of sustainable community agriculture and supporting local food.  We would love the opportunity to meet with you and work toward creating partnerships dedicated to the future of food.  Below are just a few of the companies we are working with.

Happy Foods - Ft. Myers


We love Bill Pangus and crew at Happy Foods.  They're working with local growers to bring the freshest ingredients right from the farm to restaurants and grocery stores all over SW Florida.

Check out their Facebook page, where they post photos of all the latest produce, cheeses and other goodies.

Home Gardening

From the beginner to the home gardening expert, ICARE's mission is to bring people together to talk about new techniques, the latest innovations, successful programs and more.  We hope to provide a gathering place to raise awareness, educate and share for the benefit of the community.

Eat Locally

We support local restaurants who offer locally grown produce and seasonal fare.  Try the Twisted Vine in downtown Fort Myers or Table 209 in Cape Coral.  We'll be adding other places to check out in Lee, Charlotte and Collier counties, so keep checking back for more information.

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