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Spotlight on what's local

Eden Winery

We love wine, so what better way to enjoy the local flavors and terroir than a visit to Eden Winery.​

Tucked away just off Highway 80 as you head to LaBelle and on to Clewiston, this gem of a winery is loacted in Alva and although the dirt road into the winery looks a bit iffy and you wonder, "is this really the place"?, once you come around the bend and see the little pond and tasting room beyond, you know you've struck back road gold.

If you're lucky, the matron of the enterprise, Mildred, will be on hand to not only pour your wine, but also give a detailed history of how Eden Winery came into being and how two hurricanes, back-to-back nearly wiped them out.  Fortunately for us, the family was savvy enough to plant another vineyard in the central part of the state and that is today where they get their grapes.

The wine is wonderfully light, dry or semi-sweet with all the delicious citrus and fruit flavors you would expect from a Florida wine.  They've been growing grapes and making wine here for 33 years and we can only hope they'll continue for another 33 more.

Eden Vineyard and Tasting Room, 19709 Little Lave, Alva, FL 33920

Tel: (239) 728-9463


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