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Visit Tuscany and Experience

Food & Agriculture

We are planning for our tour in June of 2014.​

So many wonderful places and so little time.  That's why sometimes you need some help finding those tucked away places that only the locals know about or that one person who knows everyone and can get you into those hard to reach spots.  That's what 10 years of traveling to one particular region will do.  And if you travel with us, you can experience the smells, sights and pure joy that comes from a delightfully delicious region such as Tuscany.

Some of the stops on our itinerary include a visit to a small winery near Sienna that offers overnight accommodations and dinners in their snug but comfortable dining room.

There's also an organic farm with a restaurant and inn, several family-owned restaurants in the region serving traditional seafood and specialties and a wonderful boutique farmhouse, tucked into a mountain with a view of a castle.

We can't wait to share these experiences with you.  You'll not only walk away with some wonderful memories, but you'll take part in cooking demonstrations and learn fabulous techniques so you can recreate these memories from scratch!

Bon apetite!

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